Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fire & Ice - Prelude to Doomsday

Here are two good looking DC Super Heroes that were included in the Prelude to Doomsday box set. I decided to post these two ladies after reading issues 1-5 of Justice League International from the New 52.

Fire is made out of a translucent green plastic. Her head sculpt is awesome with the flying/flaming hair.  The only bad thing about clear figures is that their joints and connection points sometimes look weird.

Ice is a little more bland looking., but still cool. These figures don't have a ton of articulation, but it's neat that they are small and compact. The figures in the line do not have a lot of details sculpted in, but they do try to give them nice paint details.

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  1. Translucent figures bring me back to figures like Crystar.Don't know much about DC characters but they're still cool looking.