Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catching up on Toy Hunters

Well, I just watched two episodes of Toy Hunters that i hadn't seen before. It's a decent show. I have more fun seeing the different collections than watching Jordan haggle with them. It seems that tv executives feel that the recipe for reality tv is to watch people fight over price.

 In the episodes I watched Jordan got to check out two awesome superhero collections. He got to wear a movie used Christoper Reeves Superman cape. He also go to see a framed Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man.

They do a good job of showing off a lot of different types of toys. I'm not into Barbie or Board Games but they covered them along with Lunch Boxes and lot of action figures.

It was interesting that the guy with the garage man cave said his parents gave him the Luke Skywalker with a Double Telescoping Lightsaber when he had a medical procedure. He didn't mention the early bird certificate, and they didn't show any of the other figures that came in the set. Maybe his parents had sent away for the set for him and it arrived around that time. It was funny that he didn't know it was anything special, but then wanted a lot of money for it once Jordan explained to him what he had.

I'll keep watching for now... I wonder how long a show like this can go on before he has a hard time finding really neat stuff.

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