Monday, October 1, 2012

Dragon Blaster Skeletor - MOTUC

Here is the newest variant from the MOTUC line. Dragon Blaster Skeletor is kind of a funny toy to have converted into a line that doesn't feature action features. This figure's vintage action feature was his selling point. Skeletor comes with a purple power sword, a pet dragon chained to his armor and the third mini-comic in the new series.

The dragon is a nice sculpt. I kind of wish they would have changed the color of the lock and shackles. I do understand that this is true to the vintage figure, but I'm just not wild about the neon colors.


  1. I will most likely never get any of the new MOTU. Too frickin costly...

    1. Yeah, I understand that their price is a little high, but I have an easier time paying $22 for a big figure instead of $9 for a 3 3/4" gi joe.