Thursday, October 11, 2012

Black Mask - DC Universe

I finally got my September day-of-sale items from Matty They got held up because one of the He-Man figures I ordered went out of stock or something strange. But anyway, here he is that dastardly Batman villain Black Mask!

 I don't own a whole lot of DCU figures, but most of the ones I have are Batman related. I ordered two of this guy so I could give one to my buddy, comic writer Doug Moench, who is the creator of Black Mask. He comes with a knife, a Batman cowl, and a double blades weapon.

The figure features the standard DCU suit body with a new head and accessories. The knife and mask included with the figure are in homage to a Batman comic cover that features the Black Mask with the bat-cowl nailed to the wall with a big knife. He's got a really creepy head sculpt.


  1. This guy looks sick!I've never subscribed or joined any action figure memberships but I almost joined G.I. Joe club.I'm still debating it.

    1. In the past I only had a MOTUC and Voltron subscriptions. The DC figures I just pick up as Day-of-sale figures. Next year I have MOTUC (x2 - saving the line) DC Universe, Watchmen, and the GI Joe subscriptions.

  2. I'm inclined to collecting DC Signature Collection figures than any other DC action figures out there, because it has this "collector's item" feel in it. I don't know but I'm kinda picky when it comes to DC.

  3. Eh...The look is cool but it is not Black Mask to me. I prefer the 40s gangster look he originally debuted with.