Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Custom Arctic GI Joe figures

I have been customizing GI Joes since I was about 10 years old. Some of the figures I've made I am proud of and others I have know idea what I was thinking. After creating dozens of new characters and attempting to create character from the comics, I was looking for a new direction. There are many GI Joes with specific environmental training, but I always wanted versions of some of the classic characters in gear suitable for specific battle scenarios. I also try hard to make custom figures where I don't have to paint their joints. This prevents chipping to give them a nicer finish.

 Arctic Snake-Eyes & Timber
I picked up a Snake-Eyes v2 Head and Torso from a toy reseller. I mixed those parts with Frostbite v1 arms and legs. I painted his shirt white, and gloves black. I added light blue tiger stripes to his outfit to hide the badge on Frostbites arm and break up all the solid white. 
He is complete with v2 Timber, backpack, and sword.

 Arctic Stalker
This is a Stalker v1 head on a Snow Job v1 body. His beret was painted white. His scarf was painted camouflage green and his boots were painted black. He is armed with a weapon pack version of Stalker's gun and a repainted weapon pack version of Roadblock v1 backpack.

 Arctic Grandslam
Here is a Grandslam v1 head and torso with Snow Job v1 arms and legs. His troso was painted white. Grandslam's pads and pockets were painted light blue. He is armed with a weapon pack version of Scrap Iron's pistol. His Arctic Modified JUMP jet pack is a repainted weapon pack version of the Eel back back. His final accessory is a repainted weapon 
pack version of Mutt's helmet


  1. These are really impressive i like them alot.

  2. What paint did you use that it doesn't chip?

    1. I use Citadel paints, but to keep the joints from chipping I look for body parts that are already the correct color so I don't have to paint the joints.

  3. I've done a couple custom figures out of the ROC and POC line but never with the 80's version.Love the Snake Eyes!