Saturday, October 27, 2012

Headless Horseman - McFarlane

With the rains from Sandy (Frankenstorm) on their way everyone seems to think this will be the last night of the hayride for the season. So in honor of my last night at Sleepy Hollow for this year I decided to post the Headless Horseman from the movie Sleepy Hollow. This toy was produced by Todd McFarlane's toy company back in 1999 when the movie was released.

A good friend of mine who buys and sells retro toys and video games gave me this figure carded one time when he was clearing out inventory that wasn't moving. He's not a bad little figure and features a reasonable likeness to Christopher Walken.

The Horseman comes with three important accessories, and none of them are his horse. I'm not sure if they released a horse or a deluxe Horseman with Horse. This version includes his axe, his own removable head, and two trophy heads (attached to each other). As with all McFarlane toys the Horseman features awesome paint apps and a decent, yet oddly limiting articulation.

Our Headless Horseman is actually a 19 year old girl name Monica. She does a great job of riding her horse up and down both sides of the wagons wielding her axe or sword. People always seemed shocked that the horse is real.


  1. Nice figure! I saw one of these with a Skull like head too which i thought was great as well.

  2. This is one of my faves from McFarlane toys! Out of the handful of figures from the Sleepy Hollow line, I would say that this one is the best. I might still have mine floating around somewhere!

  3. Horror flick movie toys is one of McFarlane's specialty. It's as real as they create them. They're the best at what they do... and what they do isn't very nice-looking, just like these chopped heads.

  4. There was another version of the Horseman with the horse, a sword, and a tree. He also has more articulation.