Friday, October 26, 2012

Sword Slicin' Leonardo - TMNT

Sword Slicin' Leonardo is part of a "Wacky Action" line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These turtles came out after the standard versions of the characters had been sold for a while. The Wacky Action toys features wind-up actions and allowed Playmates to sell fans new versions of the main characters. Just like how toy lines always create multiple versions of the heroes like Batman, He-Man, and Snake-Eyes.

 I was lucky enough to own all four original turtles as a kid, although it took some time and hunting. When the wacky action toys came out I had mixed feelings. Some of them seemed cool, while others didn't apeal to me. I do not recall asking for this Leo, but I did own him. I probably got him as a present from someone (because I didn't buy him or put him on a wish list for my parents). Like almost all of my vintage turtles he was sold at a yard sale in a sandwich bag with his file card and weapons for a $1.50. At the time I was focusing on other toy lines and all the money went back into buying stuff I wanted at yard sales.

My Mom recently called me from a yard sale asking if I wanted a case with Ninja Turtles in it for $5. She said they were original Turtles from '87. I assume this is what the guy selling the stuff told her because she knows toys in general, but not what versions of toys she is looking at. So I said yes. She talked the guy down to $4 and bought me the toys. She told me it has all four original Turtles (she knows toys enough to know you need four different colored Turtles). I was disappointed that they were actually Wacky Action Turtles, but I told her she did good anyway because I would have paid $5 for just the case.

 Leo is missing his whip accessory, but has his sword and mace. One thing I did like about the Wacky Action Turtles was that their belts were made from the molds for the original versions and could carry those standard weapons. I often equipped the Wacky Turtles with their standard weapons. The Wacky Turtles also featured new head sculpts. Some of them I liked more than the original heads. They had a little bit more of the cartoon vibe to them.


  1. The only Wacky Turtle figurines I cared much for were Sewer Swimming Don and the wind-up mouser. I think what detoured me away from owning any of the wind-up action figures was the silly face sculpts and silly accessories. Leo is the only one that doesn't have an awkward face, but what silliness was not in his face was put into his weapons.

  2. The fact that your mom even knew they were T.M.N.T. is impressive in itself!Good find.

  3. She can name a lot of the TMNT characters. My mom can also identify most of the late 80's GI Joes, from hunting them down for me at birthday and Christmas time.

  4. Excellent price on these with case and awesome that your mom grab them for you very cool.