Monday, July 2, 2012

Wonder Bread MOTU Trading Cards

When I was a kid one time my Aunt gave me a couple of Wonder Bread trading cards featuring Masters of the Universe characters. On features Hordak looking more like his Filmation cartoon appearance than his toy version. The other card still have is Lazer Bot with He-Man. This card is in kind of bad shape because my mom told me they were stickers and I tried to peel it off, I just ended up damaging the lamination on that card.

I swear at the same time my Aunt showed me a He-Man toy she mailed away for (she was saving it for my cousin) though Wonder Bread. I remember thinking he was weird because He-Man should have blonde hair. I wish I knew more or could prove this, but it happened forever ago.

The bottom of the cars say, "TRADING CARDS FROM WONDER" the copyright is 1986.

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  1. That must be the so called 'Wonder Bread He-Man' :)