Thursday, July 5, 2012

He-Man Fan Video Contest (Entry)

Mill Creek Entertainment asked fans to create videos and submit them to possibly be included in a bonus feature documentary on their 30th Anniversary He-Man box set. They offered some suggestions of things to include on their website and other than that the only real rule was to keep it under three minutes. To sum up any fans experience with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in three minutes or less is a challenge. I recorded all the different stories and topics I wanted to include in the video and it was over ten minutes long. So I had to decided to drop some stuff, and abreviate other things. I hate that I had to use title cards in the video, but some of the stories didn't have an intro after I cut them down to the important parts. Check out my entry and lets hope I end up in the documentary. Below the video, in text, I will expand some of the stories a little bit that got hacked down.

In the full lenght video I pointed out in the pictures from my  He-Man party you can see I got Night Stalker, a MOTU puzzle, and a MOTU metal lunch box.
When I showed off my Cel Collection I cut down how many were in the video to speed things up.
In the section about the Toonseum, I cut out pictures of some of the other cels I donated as well as explaining that their exclusive Power Swords are cast from the mold used to make the props for the 1986 Macy's Day Parade float. There were only 20 of these swords made.

When I talked about the posters in my dorm room I talked about how I had taken two MOTU posters to college. Later my room was featured in a campus tour video so one of the He-Man posters ended up in that promotional video. (This room is the mirror image of the room I had previously where I shot Action Figure Adventures the Series - although a couple of missed shots were filmed in this room)
In a manufacturing course I took at Millersville University we were learning about mold making and had to bring in an item to create a mold from. I wanted something fairly simple and I thought of the old He-Man shampoo bottle I have had since I was a kid. I brought it in and made the mold and a couple of He-Man ceramic figurines. One of them I hand painted and turned in as the final project. One I spray painted gold to look like an Oscar and gave it to a friend of mine in college at the preminer of his student film. (He was a communication major and made a super hero movie based in Lancaster City called "The Warden")  I also have a weird one that flopped over in the kiln before it was fired. (As you can tell most of this story was cut)
At the end I wanted to include a little bit of  stop motion animation. I feel like it's one of the more unique things about me and my toy collection. I had the clip still on my computer from my Slush Head review, so that one made it into the video.

There were a few other He-Man collectable type stuff that I was going to include in the video but they just didn't make the cut either.

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