Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Matty's SDCC's Most Wanted Sale

So all month MattyCollector.com is running their SDCC's Most Wanted Sale. They are taking 10% off their essesial items and have some other reissue items available. I like to support the line so I decided to get a 2nd Wind Raider becuase I really want more MOTUC vehicles. I didn't have Vikor or Sy-Klone so I needed to order them. I have been thinking about ordering some of the "essential" figures so I don't have to keep digging mine out of the display case to animate, plus I thought if kids come over they could play with them. I got duplicates of  He-Man, Battle Cat, She-Ra, Bubble Power She-Ra, Swift Wind, and Hordak.

I picked up the two Ghostbusters (Ray & Peter) that they keep in the Essentials Collection because I have wanted to get the all the Ghostbusters in the 1st movie jumpsuits. I also picked up one of the most hated packs in the history of MOTUC,  Mo-Larr vs Skeletor pack. I actually already own it, but I wanted one to open. Being a toy collector and a stop motion animation enthusiast, Robot Chicken is awesome to me. My still sealed Mo-Larr vs Skeletor pack is the very first MOTU Classics toy I bought. It's what sucked me into the line, followed quickly by the Skeletor vs Lex Luthor comic pack. So now I have a loose Mo-Larr and I'm giving Skeletor a different head and he will be used for animations and for kids to play with. I put the Alcala Skeletor head that came with Demo-Man on my comic pack Skeletor. It's a big three way trade.

So, the credit card bill was pretty big, but this stuff is a load of fun. I should be reviewing some of this stuff before long. I am going to be away next week so there will not be any major updates. I'm hoping to have internet access, but since it is not guaranteed there will not be any major video reviews.

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