Thursday, August 21, 2014

GI Joe Hawk v4 - GI Joe

Due to military promotions, and later copyright issues the character Hawk has had several different names printed on his packaging. This figure known as GI Joe Hawk v4 came in a cool box set of figures celebrating the 25th anniversary of GI Joe: A Real American Hero. His design is based on the 2nd Hawk figure from 1986 who was featured in the original cartoon series.

Hawk is wearing a leather jacket and camouflage pants. His accessories include a helmet, pistol, backpack, and a figure stand. I took this photo of Hawk in the snow during the winter. I really like this figure, and this is the uniform I picture Hawk wearing when I think of the character.


  1. This Is my Hawk,the way I remember him.

  2. Oh man ya got him in the snow...Awesome. Been debating on moving to Wabasha Minn one day.

  3. This is a cool Hawk, much nicer then the one in the funky space suit.

    1. Ha! Well, they had to shake things up a bit. Have you seen the mail-away version of him in the bright green space suit?