Monday, June 16, 2014

Devilfish - GI Joe '86

The Devilfish was a small water craft that had both a memorable comic issue cover and scene with Sgt Slaughter in GI Joe: the Movie. This little orange boat can hold up to three figures, but is really just a one man craft. I've had had a couple of over the years, but when I saw this complete one for sale at It's a Toy Show I had to grab another one.

The Devilfish I had as a kid actually came from a yard sale. I played with it in the bathtub, because it really floats and the stickers loosed up and came off. I was kind of crushed because I really like the logo on the front. I played with mine so much that both the foot pegs eventually broke off in figures feet.

The Devilfish has four gray missiles and a double barreled gray gun on top. It's also armed with two orange torpedoes on the bottom

The Devilfish has two outboard motors with removable engine covers. There are also two small black cords that connect the engines to the boat.

Here's Shipwreck and Admiral Keel Haul motoring around in a pair of Devilfish. The Devilfish in the background has less decals than the one I just picked up.


  1. That was issue 44 I think of Gi Joe. I had this too. That was about the time I was leaving the Joes behind.

  2. Nice! I had this one up until a year or two ago.