Friday, November 21, 2014

More of my NJCC Haul

I posted about all the carded and loose GI Joe Marines I bought at NJCC, but there was also a lot of other this to be found. I picked up several GI Joe file cards. My mom meticulously cut out about a hundred of these things during my childhood. I love tracking down ones I need as shows. I picked up Ice-Viper, Steeler, Clutch, Scarlett, Cobra Trooper, and the Cobra Officer.

I've been collecting a lot of odd bits of memorabilia lately. Thses Birthday Candles seemed too unique to pass up. A friend of mine had these (or similar) at his party. Leo, Donny, Raph, Micky, and the Shredder.

Oh Hasbro, you silly goose. The GI Joe Motorized Action packs. I had this Helicopter pack as a kid. My cousin got this toy back in the day and  traded it to me somehow. I don't really remember how I came to own the Helicopter pack as a kid, but I'm out now for the rest of the day. Just an interesting display piece.

The last item for this post (still more NJCC stuff to come) is a super cool TMNT digital watch. I has this exact watch as a kid. I can remember running around the school yard talking into my wrist watch as if it was a communicator.