Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quality Control Issue

I ordered the Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS) Exclusive Dreadnok and Marauder sets. These two 7-Packs contain 80's and 90's GIJoe and Cobra figures updated to today's toy standards. One of the figures in my Dreadnok set came with two of the same hand. I noticed it after opening the package and removing all the figures. I posted a question on the Toy News International (TNI) Forums about if I should contact the retailer, BBTS, or the manufacture, Hasbro. Everyone seemed to think I should contact BBTS. So I emailed them and the sent me a new figure. I was impressed with how quickly and easily they resolved my issue.

Weird figure isn't he? It was the 80's when the original version was released, and he was pretty cool back then. His ripped up shirt (or scarf as many call it) is much larger on this version and his hair is longer. The modern figure has better articulation and a more appropriately sized head. The original figure featured color change skin... one more thing that added to his coolness and bizarreness.

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