Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Time!

Another year is wrapping up and I've been bad about posting videos on my YouTube channel for the past six months, but I have been horrible about blogging. I really do apologize to any of the regular readers of Action Figure Adventures. I used to write in-depth descriptions of toys in my collection and post some pretty decent photos of action figures. Lately I've just been posting links to videos as SEO Toy Review took off. I've been distracted due to stuff in my personal life and the channel hasn't had the growth it had in the past. This is all combined with a little bit of what I call "toy depression". Since the closing of Toys R Us, I have found it harder to get excited about new releases or to even find them.

Anyway, I put together an SEO Toy Review Christmas Special again this year. Unfortunately it's not a fun live stream like it was in the past. I did get some clips submmisoons from friends like Long's Toys, the Game Chasers, Retro Now, and HoodedCobraCommander788. The Special also features clips from the charity event called Gift For Gamers.  I hope you guys enjoy it and have a Happy Holiday Season.

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