Friday, June 17, 2016

King Zarkon - Voltron

After watching the new Netflix Voltron series I got thinking about this King Zarkon figure I picked up at a toy show not to long ago. As a kid I had a really nice die-cast Voltron and Hunk from the Panosh Place toy line. I've been slowly picking up the other figures from that line including the Pilots and a few bag guys. I'd really like the get the Castle of Lions some day.

King Zarkon is a pretty basic figure. He's very similar to the Emperor from the vintage Star Wars line. He has a swivel at the neck and both shoulders. Zarkon can bend at the waist and each of his legs are molded to look like half his robe.

Zarkon is a decent figure for the early 80's but by today's standards his sculpt is really lacking in details. He does have pretty decent paint applications with the details on his torso.


  1. Love colors on this guy.I'm going to have to get re acclimated to the Voltron universe.I never watched it much as a kid.

  2. Been meaning to find those Voltron actions figures and spaceships. Owned some as a kid, dont know what happened to them...