Sunday, June 19, 2016

Playtime Masters - He-Man Doumentary

When I first heard about Playtime Masters it was a passion project that was going to tell the story of the impact He-Man had on the fans in the 80's. I was very excited and talked with the people creating it. I was interviews and submitted many photographs and other items for possible inclusion in the film. I guess life gets in the way and I started to hear less and less about the project.

Then another similar project surfaced and I got a little nervous about these competing fan projects. Suddenly Playtime Masters came back as Crowd Funding project. Check out the little trailer that's been put together. There are 4 different photos of myself in the trailer. If you like this kind of project and want to support it great. If not, I'm just trying to help the filmmakers dreams come true by spreading the word.

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  1. My wolf´s head on Snake Mountain never worked. I always thought it was way muffled. But then again I was working with an um..occultic toy...haha