Monday, August 1, 2016

Dr. Scarab - Bionic 6

Dr. Scarab, the main villain for the super powered family of heroes know as the Bionic 6. As a kid I enjoyed the Bionic 6 cartoon immensely. I only ever had Meg, the sister) but a friend of mine had several characters and I remember paying with them a lot. Dr Scarab, and Mechanic, fascinated me because they were such heavy toys. The die-cast metal figures, especially the larger ones were just really unique.

This is actually the 2nd Dr. Scarab to enter my collection. Bionic 6 figures a prone to major paint wear due to them being made of die-cast metal. This figure represents an upgrade to the Action Figure Adventures collection. He originally came with two accessories, a belt and a tool... but I'm still searching for them.

Bionic 6, Thundercats, and  Advanced Dungeons and Dragons were all fun toy lines from LJN.


  1. My favorite was Dungeons. WISH I could find some of them down here.

  2. Waitasec! There were toys of AD&D? I wanna see some! PLease ;)