Sunday, July 31, 2016

King Randor - Vintage MOTU

As a kid I was a die-hard Masters of the Universe fan during the few years the He-Man cartoon was on the air. Later after the show was over and I stopped collecting the figures I remember seeing the King Randor for the vintage MOTU line at KB Toys. I couldn't believe they finally made the King, and the Sorceress. Both figures I wanted very much at an earlier point in th lines history. I gave up on He-Man and Thundercats after their shows ended to play with figures like GIJoe that did have a current cartoon

Many, many years later I finally got the vintage King Randor. No he's not perfect or complete... but I can always upgrade him later. Randor had a standard Masters body with recycled Jitsu armor. He had a new head with a removable crown. Additionally he came with a cloth blue cape and a gold version of Whiplash's spear.

This Randor is far more muscular, armored, and battle ready than the King Randor we saw in the cartoon, but he's still a fun figure. Now we kind of see where Prince Adam gets his fashion sense from.


  1. I have the same story as you. I understand the new MOTU made the Queen figure.