Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Ultimate Loot Crate (Dream Crate)

Over the past several years I've opened a lot of subscription boxes. Some off camera, but many of them on camera for my youtube channel. I recently was thinking about what would I put in my own personal Loot Crate subscription box if I could control what was inside.

Theme: Good & Evil 
Every subscription box needs a theme, but I didn't want to limit myself to just one word. I felt like Good & Evil is classic and avoids the word versus. Have you ever noticed that the most fun episodes of a TV show are when the Hero and the Villain have to work together to defeat some super evil power. Good and Evil don't always have to be at each other's throats.

T-Shirt: Soundwave by Geek Boy Press
Just like the monthly theme, you need a monthly t-shirt. I decided to go the evil root and I would include a shirt with art of the Transformers villain Soundwave by Geek Boy Press.

Funko Pop! Vinyl: Exclusive Black Power Ranger with Dragon Shield
The next item that always seems to fit into the subscription box formula is an item from Funko. I recently picked up the newest Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Pops and I really like them. So in my ultimate box there would be a fun variant of the Black Ranger wearing the Dragon Shield to represent good. I was so amazed when  Tommy lent Zack the shield 23 years ago.

Magnet: Star Wars - Han Solo in Carbonite
I think a cool looking Han Solo in Carbonite magnet would look great on the fridge. Aside from the look of Vader, the Stormtoopers, and the main droids, I feel like Han in Carbonite  is one of the most interesting and iconic designs in the Star Wars world. The Empire Strikes Back has one of the most interesting power dynamics between good and evil in film. From Luke's vision in the swamps of Dagobah to his final conflict on Bespin and the struggle the Rebels have with the Empire on Hoth and in the Cloud City.

Art: Kelley Jones: Batman & the Joker Art Print
I have always loved the work of comic book artist Kelley Jones. It's so rich with details but totally weird in a wonderful way. To go with the theme I'd pick something showcases Batman and the Joker. Below is an example of some awesome artwork he created with frequent collaborator Inker John Beatty.

Key Chain: Cobra Logo from GI Joe
The final item in my dream crate would represent the world of GI Joe. One of my all time favorite franchises. The action figures from the 80's have always been my favorite. The cartoon was great, unfortunately the movies have only been okay. We'll go with the Cobra logo because it's more interesting than the Joe's logo and we have to balance out the good guys.

Okay, now it's your turn. What theme and items would you choose if you were putting together your own Dream Crate subscription for Loot Crate? You can tell me about it in the comments below, or leave a link to your own post in the comments.

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