Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion Assortment

It looks like Playmates Toys is releasing the new Hyper-Phase Voltron as  a San Diego Comic Con exclusive. The five robotic lines that combine to form the Legendary Defender, Voltron are all new a come with additional weapons as well as lights and sounds housed in the Black Lion.

With the help of Pricess Allura and her connection to the Quintessence the lions get upgraded weapons and we get some upgraded toys. Each lion is fully articulated, armed with a unique projectile launcher, and can combine to form a 16" Voltron. As you work your way thought the sequence of combining all the lions you can hear up to 50 sounds! Pretty impressive. Plus the new super charged look of Voltron is pretty awesome.

The Voltron Hyper-Phase Legendary Lion Assortment will run 129.99 and will be available at the Entertainment Earth booth at SDCC.

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