Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Adam Bomb - Garbage Pail Kids Blind Box Figures

Over the weekend I made many awesome purchases at Retro Con. One of my favorites is the Adam Bomb figure from the new line of Garbage Pail Kids vinyl figure line. The staff from the Breaux Show were selling them un-blind boxed which helped me get the one I wanted with out the pain of buying blind. He's not sitting... and he doesn't have the little remote in his hand like on the original trading card, but they need to be able to reuse some of his parts to makes these guy economical. Adam Bomb is one of my favorite GBC and is sort of a mascot for the famous trading cards.


  1. He should have came with the remote, Mine did.

  2. Yeah, he is supposed to come with the detonator. They most have lost it when they un-blind-boxed it. It's a separate accessory that he hold in his hand.