Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thunder Punch He-Man - Vintage MOTU

I've always been a fan of the original He-Man variants from the Masters of the Universe Line. I recently picked up Thunder Punch He-Man. Unfortunately I don't have his chrome shield but the figure is in great shape and he did come with his cool clear gold sword.

His chest is a little funky the way it is sculpted to include his action feature "back pack". His armor is non-removable and part of the chest sculpt.  He's got some nice vac-metal chrome on this armor. Thunder Punch He-Man has the typical Masters Action Punch feature, but when a cap is put inside his backpack he makes a loud sound.

One unique thing about Thunder Punch He-Man is that his one hand is sculpted into a fist. This goes along well with his feature, but makes it hard for him to hold accessories.


  1. I had gotten out of Heman by the time the variants showed up.

    1. My first He-Man was Battle Armor and then I got the original version at a yard sale, so I never got any other versions.

  2. Owned this one as a kid and loved it so much.