Monday, April 25, 2016

Man-at-Arms - 200x Masters of the Universe

I really like the 200x redesigns of most of the Masters of the Universe character. Man-at-Arms is wearing his classic green and orange uniform. What a macho mustachioed hero. The anime styling never bothered me. The Four Horsemen put great detail into their sculpt. Between action features and the limited articulation the figures received they are better to look at than to play with. I really wish the cartoon series had lasted another season.

 Man-at-Arms comes with a mace similar to his vintage figure as well as his awesome arm cannon developed for the 200x redesign. His armor is much larger and bulkier, but it gives him a fun ascetic.

The back view of this figure really shows off how much amazing detail this figure has. From the rivets in his armor to the fur of his loin cloth. The Four Horsemen really are incredible sculptors.


  1. I wish I had mine back. I sold em when my father died. He looks much better than the original.

  2. These guys are just incredible. I have many of my vintage MOTUS and nearly every MOTUC figure, vehicle, and beast released but there really is something pretty special about the 200x series. I do love the MOTUC version of this guy, though. This was an incredible redesign!