Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Batman Beyond and Classic TV Series Batman '66 - DC Multiverse

I've been enjoying the DC Multiverse line and I just picked up Batman Beyond and the 1966 Classic TV Series Batman figure. Both figures are pretty nice, but a little bulky. I think this is due to reused parts, but Adam West was not a very muscular Batman and when I think of Batman Beyond I think of a young teenage Batman.

Check out the review below.


  1. Bruce Wayne did wear the Batman Beyond costume before he retired, so at least that one can be canonical, but the buffed-out Adam West is a bit silly. Regardless, they are both awesome!

  2. That buffed out Adam West just seems odd and silly to me but I dig the Batman Beyond.

    1. It's because there is an Adam West "skin" in the new video game. The skins go over the same character model so he's bulky.