Sunday, August 16, 2015

Retro Con has Characters

I took this promotional photo for Retro Con a while ago, and didn't realize that it never got posted here on Action Figure Adventures (just Facebook). The characters in the photo were all voiced in their 80's cartoon by one of the voice actors that will be attending Retro Con in Oaks, PA on September 12 & 13th. The Bill and Ted time machine will be there as well.

Michael Bell - Duke (GIJoe) and Prowl (Transformers)
Larry Kenney - Lion-O (Thundercats) and Bluegrass (Silverhawks)
Doug Stone - Matt Trakker and Bruce Sato (M.A.S.K.)
Michael McConnohie - Tracks (Transformers) and Cross Country (GIJoe)
John Moschitta Jr. - Blurr (Transformers)


  1. Great shot. That's actually a rather nice mini-collection there.

  2. It's weird but for some reason that group makes total sense,lol!Great shot ;)