Thursday, April 9, 2015

DC Multiverse - Joker, Red Hood, Scarecrow, Robin, Black Mask, & Two-Face

Today I've got a review for you guy of a whole mess of these Batman Video Game figures from the DC Multiverse Line. I've got the Joker, Red Hood, Scarecrow, Robin, Black Mask, & Two-Face. These guys all have 11 or so points of articulation. Unfortunately Black Mask is the only one to come with any accessories.

It's a Battle Royale

Black Mask & the Joker

Scarecrow & Two-Face

Red Hood and Robin

I really like the Red Hood figure the most out of this bunch. Two-Face is pretty cool as well.


  1. Nice to see a cloth cape on Robin. I might have to pick that one up.

  2. awesome...but pass for me. wish they were comic accurate

    1. Yeah, they aren't for everyone. We are seeing more and more of these video game designs sneaking into the comics.They ran them on sale at Toy R Us for $4.99 Which is a great price for an action figure.

    2. I'd be very tempted to pick these up for 4.99, but I already have the DC Collectibles versions of most of half of these and I've got preorders for the Arkham night versions of the rest. I really think Mattel could have had something with this line but they've just not put the attention into it that it needed.