Monday, April 13, 2015

Renegade Predator

The Renegade Predator was part of a really cool Kenner 2-Pack that included the Warrior Alien. I picked this guy up at a flea market last year I think My best buddy Derek had him and the Alien when we were kids. The cool thing about this set is that both the Predator and the Alien looked like they jumped out of the movies. They weren't real strange variations.

Renegade Predator has yellowish skin and wears tan armor. He has a laser cannon sculpted onto his shoulder. He comes with two removable accessories. One is his mask and the other is a bladed weapon (not pictured).

Check out that gruesome face under the mask. He's got great dreadlocks sculpted on the back.


  1. I picked this two pack up about two years ago. I love these figures so much! The Aliens and Predator line was amazing!

  2. Oh! Nice one that we don't own... yet.