Sunday, April 19, 2015

GI Joe purchases at NJCC

A few weeks back I went to NJCC (New Jersey Collector's Convention) in Cherry Hill. I always go and hang out with some of my fellow collector friends as well as look for stuff to add to my collection. I found several GI Joe items to purchase.

The first item is the Vector Jet from Battle Force 2000. This is arguably the best vehicle from the series. I never really had interest in collecting these vehicles other than maybe the parts that form the Future Fortress, but I'm on a bit of a kick trying to get parts to complete the vehicles my buddy Derek game me from his childhood collection last Summer.

Carded Laser-Viper, from the tail end of my original GI Joe collecting years. By this point in the line I had a ton of figures and my interest were movie to other toy lines like Ninja Turtles.  I had Laser-Viper and really liked him. I used to put the mask from Quick Change Bruce Wayne on him and use him as a more articulated Batman.

H.E.A.T. Viper was another one of the Army Builder figures I got at the end of my childhood collecting years. It was alway so hard to keep track of those little missiles that came with Heat Viper. I had that Gung-Ho mini figure as a kid as well.

I picked up the '83 Cobra Commander with a scratched up face plate for a couple bucks. The Commander in my collection is yellowed so at some point I need to replace him. This guys had a perfect chest emblem so I snagged him for possible part swaps in the figure. He's sitting on my all time favorite GI Joe vehicle, the RAM Motorcyle. I've got a bunch of these things and I pick them up all the time when I see them.

I'm always on the lookout for accessories. My buddy Alan let me dig through some parts bags. I can't got wrong at a $1 piece plus a quantity discount.

The final item for this post is the Tiger Rat. This is the Tiger Force verson of the Rattler. This is another vehicle that my buddy Derek game me from his collection and combined with the one bellow I'll be putting together a nice specimen for myself.