Sunday, July 5, 2015

Alien Arachnid - Kenner Aliens

Kenner's Aliens line was very popular with myself and my friends when it first came out in the 90's. After the first wave though interest quickly died off, with only one of my friends collecting many of the more outlandish Aliens from the later waves. The Alien Arachnid is one of these more wild designs. I picked up this guy for $5 at the local comic shop when they were having a sale on carded toys in busted up cards to clean up inventory.

Here you can see the Arachnid Alien in it' packaging.

 Of all the Alien and Predator figures listed on the back of the package, the Flying Queen is my favorite. I'm not sure why they named that toy Flying Queen and not Bat Alien, but it's a cool figure.

Here is a close up of the instructions for the Arachnid Alien? Alien Arachnid... what is this thing called? Basically his head can suck up water and squirt it out and his legs can lock back and spring forward to trap a victim. Funny... because I had a toy called the Gorilla Alien that kind of did the same thing from the first wave. Reusing gimmicks already?

The Arachnid Alien is a red and black alien figure who looks kind of like a Queen Alien head on a crab's body... okay maybe a spider's body. I only count six legs... is it an Insect Alien or a Bug? Oh wait that's too much like another franchise of sci fi movies.

Get this thing off of me!


  1. I always thought this line was SO weird as to when it came out.

  2. Wow! This is one of the rare we dont own... yet.