Sunday, July 19, 2015

T-800 Terminator - ReAction

The T-800 is a classic Sci-Fi/Action movie bad guy. The Terminator still holds up today and back in the day only got the wacky Kenner figures based on T2. Here Funko tries to capture the magic of the original film with there ReAction line.

This isn't the only version of the Terminator that Funko has released. But I feel this on is more iconic and captures Arnold's likeness a little better, but that might just be due to the sunglasses. He's dressed in a leather jacket, gray shirt, tan pants, and boots.

 The T-800 Terminator comes armed with two different weapons he using to try to kill Sarah Connor in the film.

I wonder if they'll ever make a Time Traveling Terminator figure. Ya know, Arnold in the buff. They'd have to do some sort of interesting shadow paint effect on the figure to hide his junk. Maybe Terminators are like Ken dolls in the front?