Saturday, July 11, 2015

Night Stalker - Vintage MOTU

We saw a lot of cool reveals at Comic Con from Mattel. One of the items they showed was the Classics version of Night Stalker, so today I'm posting about the vintage Night Stalker. The two robotic horses were some of my favorite rides from the vintage line (besides Battle Cat). I'm so happy to finally get them with articulated legs for the modern line. With Night Stalker scheduled for release, Stridor can't be to far behind.

As a kid I got the Fisto & Stridor gift set for my 5th birthday. I bought Jitsu at a yard sale but paired him up with a brand new Night Stalker later. I really enjoyed the two characters with metal hands both having metal steeds

Night Stalker has two front facing laser cannons, a rear cannon and a posable tale. Night Stalker also originally had a purple helmet like armor piece, but it's missing these days.

I think Night Stalker's black, purple, and gold color scheme is really striking.


  1. I was way out of Heman when this debuted. I was more into Super Powers.

  2. Nice! I was also past He-Man at this point, but what a cool toy!