Friday, July 17, 2015

California Raisins

As a kid I loved the California Raisins. I'm a stop motion animation junkie and I always have been. I used to buy up the little PVC Raisins at yard sales and a couple of my relatives used to give them to me as presents. Today I want to show off two guitar playing Raisins. The first one with the yellow guitar has a bit of a hippie look going on. He has the round John Lennon glasses going on along with a head band. The second Raisin playing the blue guitar is a more familiar style with his orange sneakers.

As a kid I actually wore these goofy California Raisin sun glasses. My mom gave them to me as a gift one time because I was so obsessed with the Raisins. I quickly outgrew them because they are tiny kids glasses.

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  1. I have one. One that is it. I was a little too old when they debuted.