Tuesday, December 1, 2015

General Zod - DC Comics Multiverse 4"

General Zod, the main bad guy from Superman II in action figure form. This figure is from the awesome DC Comics Multiverse 4" line. I really like that they were making action figures based on movies, video games, and other media all in the same scale.

General Zod looks like he stepped right out of the TV. Awesome head sculpt and great details. Zod is dressed in all black.

Zod comes with a bent M-16 rifle to simulate his super strenght. Sorry the photo is a little washed out. Great figure, and my Toys R Us recently restocked them. I still really want a Christoper Reeves Superman figure.


  1. I wasn't lucky enough to find Reeves Superman from this line.Mattel did a great job here.