Thursday, February 23, 2012

Animation Creation Ep1 - Don't Let's Start

Building up to the online release of Action Figure Adventures I figured I post some of our older animation work. While the entire show does not focus on action figures, they do play an important role.

I've added notations to specify which segments feature action figures.

1) Lady Bug Bebop by Derek
2) Kaleidoscope by Derek
         Japanese Monster (Moguera), Shogun Warrior, Earth Worm Jim, Hoth Wampa from Star Wars
3) Paper Moguera by Kevin
4) O! Cruel Master! by Kevin
        The kid from Terminator 2 and Sabertooth from the first X-Men movie line
5) Dancing Robot pt. 1 by Derek
        Japanese Robot figure
6) Beach Drama by Kevin
7) Computer Love by Derek
8) Godzilla Flick trailer by Derek & Kevin
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
        Custom GIJoe action figures

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