Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Animation Creation Ep2 - Seconds

okay, here's the second episode of Animation Creation. Again this episode features many action figures and toys. In fact every screen shot in the banner shows toys.

I have made bold and included a few notes about the segments that feature toys.

1) Derek Beats his Shoes by Derek
2) Spider-Man (A Pencil Animation) by Kevin
3) Dirt Haulin'! by Rudy & Alex
         (Uses some cheap-o Corps type army figures)
4) Brian's Reservoir Dogs, pt. 1 by Brian 
        ( McFarlane Reservoir Dogs toys)
5) Paper Godzilla (scary psychedelic version) by Kevin
6) Godzilla Flick (10 Minute edit) by Derek & Kevin
       (Hundreds of Japaneses Monster Toys)
7) Silent Movie trailer by Derek
       (Custom GIJoe toys)
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek with Brian, Alex & Rudy
      (Custom GIJoes and M.A.S.K. figures) 

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