Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eldor - MOTUC

Eldor was a wizard type character that would have been part of the Powers of Grayskull line had the original Masters of the Universe line continued. Now we have him as a figure from MOTUC. Eldor worked with He-Ro in a time period that's a little sketchy now because of the 200x history and all the other characters shoe-horned into Masters Classics.

Like all Masters, Eldor is a muscular man. Unlike most Masters, he wears gray pants and a brown hoodie. The Four Horseman did a great job of sculpting this character based off some production artwork and a prototype vintage toy.

Eldor comes with a really cool staff that contains a gem as well as a removable hood.

He also comes with the Book of Living Spells which is a pretty awesome book accessory. It actually opens! On side has the He-Ro symbol and the other has the He-Man iron cross. The pages inside are blank... not sure if that makes it more or less interesting. This figure has so much detail sculpted on his. It really is incredible.


  1. Very cool looking action figure. Love the book.

  2. That's got to be the most buff-looking wizard-type character I've ever seen. Cool figure. though.

    1. He's cool. That's for checking out AFA and leaving a comment.