Friday, February 20, 2015

Power Rangers Green Ranger and Megaforce Battle Sets

As part of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce toy line a new nicely articulated Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger Figure was released. I'm a sucker for the MMPR characters, and I loved the Green Rangers uniform so I had to pick him up.

 He comes with his Dragon Dagger for calling his Zord.

I really like the attention to detail on the helmet sculpt as well as the Morpher on his belt. Check it out, there's the Dragon Zord coin.

In addition to reviewing the Green Ranger figure, the embedded video also highlights the Megaforce Battle Sets. This is two sets of weapons the individual rangers use in Megaforce, but that can be combined to form a super weapon.

Two different views of the weapons combined. Blue weapon can shoot spring-loaded missiles and the red weapon makes sounds. Each weapon can hold their power card.

Below you can see the individual weapons. Sake Ax (black), Dragon Sword (red), Shark Blowgun (blue), Tiger Claw (yellow), and Phoenix Shot (pink - mostly white ha ha).


  1. Am a fan of the Green Ranger so this one looks pretty awesome.

  2. If you watched the show as a kid, you almost have to be a fan of the Green Ranger.