Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snake Armor He-Man, Battle Armor King Hsss, and Ninjor - MOTUC

This month Matty Collector released three great Masters of the Universe Classics Figure. Snake Armor He-Man, Battle Armor King Hsss, and Ninja Warrior (Ninjor). Check out our video review below and the additional photos posted below.

Ninja Warrior aka Ninjor is an awesome evil ninja. He's dressed in black with red details. He comes with two different head, one masked and the other unmasked. Ninja Warrior also comes with several cool accessories including a sword, bow, quiver, nunchuck, and belt.

Battle Armor King Hsss is based on the 200x (MYP) cartoon. He's got some great new details and comes with a staff and shield. I really like the details on his belt. King Hsss can come apart and works with the earlier version of King Hsss's snake torso. There will be a 200x style Snake torso released later.

Here we have Snake Armor He-Man next to King Hsss with the Snake Torso. He-Man has some really neat looking armor with a pincer weapon as the Electronic Power Sword as seen in the 200x cartoon. Most exciting is his surfer hair style from he rocked about a decade ago.

Here is my custom 200x He-Man and Battle Cat. Both of these were made just with simple part swaps that don't permanently damage any parts. No custom paint or anything.

Battle Cat is is the classics beast wearing Battle Lion's armor.

He-Man is a King Grayskull figure with the Snake Armor He-Man head, original classics He-Man shield & ax, and the Electronic Power Sword from the weapons pack.

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