Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Major Bludd, BATs, Snow Job and more - GI Joe Kre-O

I've been collecting the GI Joe Blind Bag Kre-O mini-figures on and off since they came out. I only have a few of the building block sets from this series since I'm mainly focusing on the figures. Some I've bought and others were given to me or traded to me by some generous blogger friends.

Major Bludd - dressed in his brown and black uniform. I love all the details on his chest. They included the green patch on his normal arm and gave him some nice details on the armored (or robotic arm?)

 He comes with a cool gun and a backpack with extra rockets to by fired by the gun.

Next up is Snow Job, a character I didn't care for to much as a kid, but later really learned to like. I got into GI Joe a little late so the '85 and '86 Joes who were a little more buff and detailed became my preferred team members.

Snow Job is dressed in his white snow suit and comes with skis, poles, a backpack, and a gun.

The Kre-O version of one of my all time favorite GI Joe figures...the Battle Android Trooper. I loved the original BAT figure. I don't think this guys in quite as cool, but they did a nice job.

He comes with great details printed on his torso and legs as well as a bunch of cool accessories. I know he kind of looks like his head is on fire, but it's really the only way to store his flamethrower accessory.

Ripper was probably the Dreadnok with the best sculpt out of the original three. Some of that didn't translate that well into Kre-O form.

His mohawk  is a little funny looking. Ripper comes with a pincher/jaws of life tool ever weirder than his vintage figure. I does articulate which is cool. He also comes with a Kre-O block that is decoed to look like a can of grape soda.

Last but not least is Low Light. This GIJoe "night spotter" (sniper) comes with a backpack, rifle, and MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). This guy really captures the original figure. I love the knit cap.