Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ash - ReAction Alien

Yet another ReAction figure from the Alien line. This guy was one of the figures sculpted but never released by Kenner in the 70's. Now all the fans of Sci Fi can have this interesting (no spoilers) character all for their own.

 Ash is dressed in a light blue jumpsuit. He has long white sleeves underneath as well as white shoes. The only real paint app details on this figure is his red patch on his shoulder.

Ash comes with a cool gray scanner accessory. It is nicely detailed on both sides. It's not super exciting like a gun, but sometimes figures need useful items as accessories.

He's a group shot of the Nostromo Crew. Ash is scanning Kane's space suit for contaminants. Dallas and Ripley look on in suspense. Ash is an important character, but probably the lease exciting figure in this wave.

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