Friday, March 6, 2015

Club 200x - MOTUC

Over at they are currently taking orders for the Club 200x mini-subscription for the Master of the Universe Classics line.

This is a six figure line up with an exclusive head pack. The Sub gives us six new characters from the Mike Young Productions cartoon series and six heads to update older figures from the Masters Classic line.

While  this sub might not be as exciting as the main line, I do think it's great to see some of these really cool characters finally see the light of day.


  1. Man the MOTUC line has to be coming to a end soon.

    1. We'll see. This years is the last year of the main sub before they re-brand. They've done Prince of Power, Vintage Cartoon, and 30th Ann (new characters) as mini-subs. So now they are doing this newer cartoon. Maybe next year we'll see New Adventures as a mini-sub.