Sunday, May 24, 2015

Juggernaut - Marvel Universe

I've always liked the design of Juggernaut's uniform so when he came out for the Marvel Universe line I ended up getting both the helmeted and un-helmeted versions. The face sculpt under the non-removable helmet is wicked. Juggernaut features nice articulation and some great detailing. Check out all the scratches in his arm bands.


  1. This guy's been on my want list forever it seems.If I can find him ata good price,it'll be worth the pick up.

  2. Juggy is one of my favorite villains too. Amazing Spiderman 229 is where I was introduced to him back in 82. He is on my list to get one day too.

  3. Good one! Always liked the larger MU figures like the Hulk & Thanos