Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dr. Mindbender in Winter Coat - G.I.Joe Collectors Club

This years membership figure for the G.I.Joe Collectors Club was Dr. Mindbender. This times it's not a recreation of a previous action figure, the club made the 'good' Doctor jump off the screen from the animated G.I.Joe movie. Dressed in his winter coat from the classic battle early on in the movie.

 Mindbender comes with a file card, figure stand, pistol, brainwashing device, backpack, and laptop computer. For more details on the figure check out my video review below.


  1. That is too cool! I only have 3 GI Joes thanks to you fine bloggers out there. One day I will turn my attention to them and get more. Mindbender is a must.

  2. This Is the second best version of Mindbender IMO.The first being the original 80s figure.I'm not crazy about the 25th Ann. version.