Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stridor - Vintage MOTU

Stridor the heroic robotic horse from Masters of the Universe was always one of my favorite accessories. Not quite as cool as Battle Cat, but almost. One thing that Stridor has in common with Battle Cat is that there his mold was also used to create a counter part for the Evil Warriors.

Stridor is missing his orange helmet armor piece in this photo but he has his front guns, rear gun and tail. I always wished his legs were possible, but again like Battle Cat his legs are static.

I always had Fisto ride Stridor as a kid, but now I always feel like Rio Blast was a better fit... or maybe Extendar.


I used to put little notes at the bottom of a lot of my posts. It's something I got away from, but it was usually a personal note about something going on. Not related to the toy featured in the post. So, guess what? Stridor is the 1000th post on Action Figure Adventures. Crazy isn't it? I didn't notice I was so close to the milestone.

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