Saturday, May 9, 2015

Penguin Commandos - Batman Returns

In Batman Returns, the Penguins army of missile carrying Penguins played an important role. They were also features in a lot of the supporting artwork and products. When action figures of them became available I had to have them.  Packaged as Penguin Commandos a back and gray penguin each came with their own weapon backpack.

The gray penguin came with a yellow backpack that features two gray guns on the side. There is a red control helmet that connects the backpack to the penguin's head.

The black penguin comes with a gray spring-loaded missile launcher. The pack came with two blue missiles that can be fired with the push of a button. The missile pack has a blue control helmet that connects to the penguin's head.

 I like that they made some variety with the two figures, but the black penguin with the missile pack is much more screen accurate (and it's still not really accurate). I kind of wished I had two of the black one as a kid.


  1. Even though the backpacks are miles from the film versions, at least they had the decency to give us realistic penguins! So if nothing else, these make for good comic booky versions of the Batman Returns Penguin commandos.

    I had these when they first came out, then purged them from my collection some years later. I always regretted it, but fortunately I found a pack on a destroyed card for super cheap at the flea market recently, so I tore them free and have them proudly displayed once again!

  2. I remember seeing these clogging the pegs at Roses years after the line had been released. I'm surprised they weren't more popular with folks, you'd think they would want to build a penguin army just like in the movie.