Monday, June 1, 2015

Kyle Reese - Terminator ReAction

I've had Kyle Reese in my collection for a while now, but just had not posted about this Terminator hero. Kyle is the soldier sent back in time to protect (an impregnate?) John Connor's mother. Did John know this... that he had to send this guy... because it's weird.

This figure is dressed in a gray shirt, blue jeans, sneakers, and a soft goods trench coat. I was glad to see a fabric accessory in this line. I kind of hope at some point we get a vinyl cape on someone to give it the 70's Kenner feel.

Kyle Reese comes with a shotgun and a pistol. It's also cool that they sculpted a lot of good details on this figure. The striped texture on his shirt is sculpted in and I like that they included the bandages from when he is injured. Like most of the ReAction figures he don't real capture the likeness of the actor, but they aren't trying to.

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