Sunday, June 14, 2015

80's Monster Erasers - Diener Industires

As a kid I had tons of monster mini-figures. Monsters in My Pocket were popular, but I also had a lot of Diener Monster Erasers. I don't really even know how I got them. I don't remember getting packs of them. I just sort of acquired them somehow. Maybe party favors or something. I'm doing this post today because my childhood best friend (Derek) had tons of these things, and today is his birthday.

Furry Cyclops (kind of a one eyed Hoth Wampa) and Bug Man (Buzz-Off from He-man?)

Man-Bat and Swampthing

Unicorn and Centar



Pterodactyl (not sure if this was from a different company)


  1. I had all of these too, in many different colors. They were everywhere!

  2. I had em too. I think they were available in Happy Meals.

  3. My brother and I were in the same boat -- had tons of these but I couldn't tell where any of them came from!