Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gulper Ghost (Egon) - The Real Ghostbusters

Egon Spengler was the first, and for a long time, and only Real Ghostbuster figure I had. His included mini-ghost, Gulper Ghost, served as both Slimer and and a ghost for Egon to bust. I actually used Gulper as Slimer most of the time when I played even after I had a large collection due to the fact that he was an appropriate size when compared to the Ghostbusters.

I also liked how you could stick this guy over the heroes heads. I often pretended he would slime the Busters by placing him on them like a helmet. It was fun to see their eyes peak out of his mouth.


  1. This takes me back, if only because Egon was my first Ghostbuster too. I got him and the Staypuft Marshmallow man on the same day. Those figures may have been simple, but man, they were so cool.