Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sarah Connor - Terminator ReAction

Sarah Connor, possibly the most important person in the Terminator universe has been cast in plastic as part of the ReAction line from Funko. I actually picked up this figure last summer at the FYE store event I was a part of. I didn't want to flood Action Figure Adventures with ReAction posts, so I still have some of these to show off.

Sarah is sculpted with her big 80's style hair and has nice paint apps on her striped shirt. I can't say she's the most exciting figure, but she grows up to be a real bad ass in T2. She's a pretty basic figure with no accessories, but I felt like I need someone for the Terminator and Kyle to fight over.


  1. I will assume they will make their way down here at some point...Heck if Marvel Universe kind of does then this should as well.

  2. Not sure about these... they look kinda strange no?